About us
     NINGBO ANBOR HARDWARE CO.,LTD is reputed for high quality manufacturing to meet domestic as well as overseas demand of fasteners. Our program ranges from standard fasteners to customized products, develop per customer`s request. The regular range of products are series of drilling/ tapping screw (Drywall screw, Chipboard screw, K-LATH screw, Roofing screw and so on); Different kinds of Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchors, Riggings, architectural hardware, furniture accessories and stampings. The main grades are 4.8,5.8,8.8,10.9,12.9.

        ANBOR have the knowledge and reliability to deliver the service and produce you need with short lead-times, and supplier qualified Fasteners conform to different standards-SAE, IFI,JIS,ASTM, ISO ,DIN as well as customer`s drawings. Our customers covered different kinds of Industry-Construction, Automobile, Machinery, Electrical Appliance and Furniture.

       ANBOR service you at competitive prices with quick delivery and provide full service solutions. Both at domestic and abroad, enjoyed a high reputation in the field of fastener industry. Nowadays we are cooperating with America、Mexico、Canada、Brazil、Argentina、Peru、Chile、Bolivia、Honduras、Ukraine、Belarus、Kazakhstan、Italy、France、Spain、Germany、Poland、Australia、New Zealand、Turkey、Egypt、South Africa、India、The United Arab Emirates、Vietnam、Indonesia、Thailand、Malaysia、Singapore、Japan、Republic of Korea and so on; more than 80 countries.

      Our concerning is to provide special package service according to customer`s demand, to offer cost-saving and high-quality products and convenient work to our clients worldwide. We are looking forward to receiving contact from you. ANBOR always keep improving ourselves on production skill and service.